15 Watts Integrated Solar Street Light
15 Watts Integrated Solar Street Light

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Item No: IN-115

Product Size: 600*385*50mm

Solar Panel: 18V 30W (Mono)

Lumen: 1500-1580LM

Color Temperature: 2700-6500k

Discharge Time: 5-7 rainy days

Working Temperature: -30ºC~=60ºC

Protection Level: IP65

Mounting Height: 4-5 meters

Solar Lantern
Solar Lantern

2.7W integrated solar panel
+ 5W external solar panel
4800mAh li-ion battery
Can power 3 pcs 3W LED bulbs
5V USB output
Super bright LED light

Solar Power System Light Kit
Solar Power System Light Kit

Can power 2 LED bulbs
Solar panel: 4.5Watts
Battery: 5000mAh Li-on
USB output for charging mobile phones etc.
Lighting time : 8 hours
Output: 3.7V/ 5V 2A
IP Grade: IP43